GVS Elipse Half Mask Respirators

GVS Elipse Half Mask Respirators

These NIOSH-approved Elipse P100 Half-Mask Respirators from GVS are suitable for everything from DIY use to commercial construction, including the demanding environments of metalworking and stonemasonry. Their two HESPA (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter) air filters are designed to protect against dust particles, metal fumes, mists, oil and water vapors, and even some microorganisms.

The low-profile pleated filters permit a wide field of view, and they won’t interfere with safety glasses, sanding shields and welding hoods. Their compact shape also prevents them from getting bumped or snagged when you raise your arms for overhead work. The mask is made of lightweight thermoplastic elastomer, which adapts to the contours of your face. It is latex- and silicone-free, and the non-slip strap is easy to adjust in four positions. A large center valve enables easier breathing and less moisture build-up inside the mask.

GVS Half Mask Respirators are available from Rockler in either Small/Medium (item 59101) or Medium/Large (item 58759) sizes for $24.99. The filters are easy to change, and pairs of replacement filters (item 57904) sell for $11.99.

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  • These are a nice fit when new.. I ordered it and 2 extra filter sets a while back. my only complaint is that the elastic straps stretched all out of wack by the time I rreplaced the first set of filters. Too bad they cannot put better quality into the elastic straps.