Hollowing Small Dowels: A Suggestion, and a Comment

This time out, the responses to the question “How Do I Hollow Small Dowels” in last issue’s Q&A section brought forth an additional suggestion — and a commentary. – Editor

“I was reading the current ezine and came across the Q&A section. One question was how to drill a 3/32″ hole in the center of a 5/16″ dowel. I have a method that I have used in similar instances that I would like to pass on. I take a piece of wood 1″ x 1″ x 1-1/2″ long. I set it up on my drill press, clamping it to a jig to keep it centered and vertical, and drill a 5/16″ hole in the end grain 3/4 of the way through. Leaving the piece of wood clamped to the drill press so that I am working with the same center point, I drill the rest of the way through the blank with the 3/32″ drill bit. Then I unclamp the piece and flip it over. I slide it over my 5-1/16″ dowels, and clamp it to my drill press. Then I use the block that I have made as a guide. Drilling slowly into the dowel, this block will keep the bit from wandering as you drill the end grain of the dowel. If you have a lot of pieces of dowel to drill, consider making the drilling guide out of hardwood or, better yet, HDPE [high density polyethylene]. Both of these will wear well.” – Glenn Deppe

“The response to the question ‘How do I hollow small dowels’ by Tim Inman was, by far, the best response to a question I’ve read in your eZine. Straightforward, unopinionated and crystal clear. Note: being an old curmudgeon, this is a rare event when I’ve something nice to say.” – Bill Dawson

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