The Names You Call Yourselves

The Names You Call Yourselves

Last time out, Rob asked in his editorial about what you call yourself when it comes to working with wood – whether that is “woodworker,” “woodturner,” or some other appellation. – Editor

“I see myself as ‘woodartist.’ It’s not only my email address, it’s also my license plate. I’m mostly a turner, but I made most of the furniture in my house as well, which entailed not a little bit of carving. If the name I’ve given myself isn’t exactly true, I’m constantly working to make it so.” – Barry Saltsberg

“Woodtinkerer.” -John Hutchinson

“I call myself a woodworker. My reason for calling myself this is that I like all aspects of woodworking and want to try it all at least once.  This a hobby for me to let out the stress. I am a woodworker and love it.” – Joe Feagin

“Our woodworking club started out at a group of woodturners. Gradually, woodworkers with other specialties joined us, and we expanded to carving, furniture building, intarsia, you name it. While I occasionally turn a few gavels, those of us who make furniture and boxes became known as ‘flatwooders.’ There is no hierarchy; we all just enjoy making sawdust.” – Ed Amsbury

“How does Wood Butcher sound? Not too appetizing, but sometimes it feels like it would be a good fit.  No, most people that see my work know I’m a woodworker, nothing fancy required as that says it all.” – R. L. Hoyle, sometimes called Chief

“I prefer the term cabinetmaker, because that is what most of my work is, but woodworker is OK. If I add another skill like turning, I will be a cabinetmaker and turner, etc. I don’t favor the woodworker title because it leads us down the slippery slope to carpenter, which most are not.” –Sheldon Sanders

“As an all-around worker of wood, I guess woodworker covers it all. Sometimes I am a cabinetmaker, furniture builder, woodturner, or even carpenter, so I guess woodworker really does cover it all!” – Dan Ackermann

We must admit that here, at Woodworker’s Journal, we’re pretty partial to the “woodworker” term. – Editor

Live Edge Project Share


We also heard some feedback on the editorial a couple of issues ago, which discussed Rob’s recent enjoyment of working with large slabs of lumber. This reader want to share his one live edge project: his first. – Editor

“In response to your article in eZine Issue 351, I submit the attached photos.  My first foray into live edge is this black walnut coffee table.  Voids filled with chrysocolla, pyrite and brass filings.” – Bill Leonhardt

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