How to Install LED Light Strips in a Coffee Table

How to Install LED Light Strips in a Coffee Table

Sandor Nagyszalanczy teaches you how to install LED lighting into a coffee table project. You can also install LED lights in other projects, such as cabinets.

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  • David Knoble

    This comment concerns the video on installing LED strips on a coffee table. Note that a 12V SLA battery is considered a fire hazard by UL, and MUST be contained in a flameproof container — metal (of appropriate thickness) or certified flameproof plastic. Otherwise, you risk your house in a fire. For example, if the LED strip shorts (not exceedingly uncommon), the full current of the battery could go through the strip, potentially heating it above ignition temperature. Internal shorts in the battery can also happen..

  • Monte Glover

    Simpler ways to use a rechargeable battery system.
    1) Use a battery from a 12 volt cordless tool and adapt it to power the table. Use the charger from the tool to recharge the battery and you can have mutable batteries.
    2) Use a 12 volt trickle charger built in to the table they can be had cheap.
    FYI Only a single pole switch is needed to disconnect the battery from the system.