Kiwi Reader Debunks ‘Expired’ Exploding Shellac

After reading the Readers Response on exploding shellac, Donald McNally wrote from New Zealand that he’d never heard of a “use-by” date on any shellac/alcohol mix. With over half a century of experience in the industry, he thinks the real culprit was the sun, which could heat up the mixture sufficiently to explode the container.

We got a couple of reactions to our Re-sawing Wood Without a Band Saw article. Mike Baker described how he starts his re-sawing on his table saw and when the blade won’t go any higher, he puts spacers in one side of the kerf and positions the board in a vise. He then finishes the re-sawing with his Sawzall (reciprocating saw) with his longest pruning blade. Then it’s on to the planer. Curt Harms thought that the original poster should reconsider and get a band saw & since a 12″ Craftsman (with riser blocks) will re-saw quite nicely and might come closer to solving his economic and space limitations.

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