Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence

Band saws are one of the key tools in many woodworking shops. Their ability to cut curved shapes, resaw lumber and safely rip twisted and squirrelly stock are just some of the reasons. So what can a person do to improve these versatile tools? The boys at Kreg have an idea.

Kreg’s new Precision Band Saw Fence is an add-on that instantly increases the accuracy of your band saw. Made of sturdy extruded aluminum, it mounts easily onto most 14″ band saws on the market. Designed with the help of noted band saw expert Mark Duginske, it is adjustable in two dimensions – or planes, to adjust for blade drift and to keep it square to the table. A cursor lens works in tandem with the supplied scale.

Sold separately are a micro-adjuster and two optional resaw guides (4 1/2″ or 7″). Teamed together, they create a complete fence system designed for the shop-standard 14″ band saw category. The fence is sold for about $130.00. Add $15.00 for the micro adjuster and $18.00 for the 4 ½” resaw guide and you’ve got the whole package for about $160.00.

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