Lew’s Hardware: Doing His Level Best

As most woodworkers know, it’s the little things that can make a project into a “wow”-rousing attention getter. Things like drawer pulls. And, for a woodworker, it’s entirely possible that a drawer pull that, in itself, announces your hobby is a good thing.

At least Lewis Dolin thinks so. The founder of Lew’s Hardware originally started out this journey of discovery by designing a stainless steel bar, punched with an off-center rectangular hole into it. He called that initial effort a “level stainless pull” because, well, it looked kind of like a level. He then faxed the drawing to a friend, whose reaction, in some of those immortal words that launch a thousand ships – or at least a few drawer pulls – was, ” Why don’t you just make it look like a freakin’ level?”

So he did. He put inches and centimeter marks on the drawer pull, added a bubble level and painted the whole thing ‘builder’s yellow.” His friend was satisfied. If you’re thinking of adding one of these unique pulls to your workbench, you can find more info about the Level Pull – which sells for around $12 — and contact Lew for retailers at www.lewisdolin.com.

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