Motorcycle Rockers

Motorcycle Rockers

I thought I might share a rocker I have made, and continue to get orders for: the “Harley Rockers,” as I call them, sell quite well and provide me with a bit of pocket money. They are made completely with wood joints and dowels, not a single screw or nail is used.

I use various woods in the constuction, and never make two the same.

Dan Clarke

See the Gallery Below:

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  • Robert

    Dan, do you sell copies of the plans. I would be interested in making one of these for my grandson for maybe next Christmas. He will only be 9 months this Christmas. If so, drop me a line at

  • oldluddite

    I echo Robert’s message. Do you sell copies of the plan or kit or?
    If so, please contact me at

  • Walt Hodges

    Interested in plans please.

  • Tom Shap

    I am curious how much you sell them for.

  • Daniel Clarke

    im sorry there are no plans,over the years I have simply made templates for the parts,and I sell them for $750.00 aud,im in Australia so selling them as a kit would be a bit pricey for postage as most of you would be in the states.but due to the response I am considering drawing up some plans and instructions,i have two different models I make,but havnt got a completed model of the other one to show you.if you wish to contact me further,email