Readers Admire Jonathan Simon

Johnathan-Simon-FeedbackCappy wrote to congratulate Jonathan Simon on finding his niche. He thought that Jonathan’s spoons were handsome and liked the idea of a craftsman going into business. Bob also found the article interesting and relayed his admiration for Jonathan’s talent and his “if you lose your job, make another” attitude.

After reading about Buying and Selling Wood, Peggy Schneider described the fun she’s had over the past couple of months buying wood on eBay. She’s found claro walnut from the West Coast and beautiful curly cherry from Ohio. Bidding wars can be a problem, and she admits the shipping can be expensive, but the wood is often a bargain. She suggests that eBay might be a good choice for people needing only small amounts of wood.

Rick Choate thought we might like to hear a cautionary tale about his experience with shellac. He had a can of premixed shellac sitting on a workbench with other finishes. He knew the shellac had “expired” but hadn’t bothered to properly dispose of it. One day he noticed something odd in the area where the finishes are stored. Taking a closer look, he found the lid had literally blown off the shellac can, traveled nearly two feet and left a trail of shellac in its wake.

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