Ryobi Drill Press DP102L and DP121L

A drill press is one of those woodworking tools that, once you buy one, you have a hard time understanding how you got along without one. And, while there are some features that make a drill press especially useful to a woodworker, almost any drill press will do in a pinch. Now Ryobi has come forward with two benchtop drill presses specifically designed for woodworkers – no compromises required.

The DP102L and the DP121L are both rigged up with crosshair lasers to enhance drilling accuracy. The also have large tables (round on the 12 model and rectangular on the 10″ offering) better suited to woodworking than the typical metal working tables standard on most drill presses.

The DP121L has another important woodworking feature: a mechanically controlled variable speed system, monitored by a digital RPM readout. S,o between the laser alignment system and the variable speed controls, this machine delivers more in a benchtop drill press than many floor-standing models costing significantly more. The DP121L will be sold for around $180, while the DP102L will be priced under $100. Both are found exclusively at The Home Depot, and will be hitting the shelves in early June.

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