Trend® FX Extreme Sharpening Stone

Trend® FX Extreme Sharpening Stone

Trend Routing Technology’s FX EXTREME Sharpening Stone is a double-sided 180-grit extra coarse, 1,000-grit extra fine monocrystalline diamond pocket stone. The stone was developed for the outdoor enthusiast “bushcraft” market in the United Kingdom. Its 180-grit extra coarse side allows knife blades to be re-shouldered and takes nicks out rapidly to obtain a “coarse sharp” edge. The 1,000-grit extra fine side brings blade steel to a razor-sharp edge. While the FX EXTREME Sharpening Stone’s 1 x 5-in. size makes it ideal to carry in a pocket for hunting and camping uses, it would be equally helpful for woodworkers, contractors, farmers, plumbers and electricians — anyone who needs to maintain a sharp cutting edge.

The FX EXTREME Sharpening Stone (item DWS/P5/FX) has a street price of $43, and Trend backs it with a five-year warranty.


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  • Scott Grogan

    Your first picture in this article is a great example of how to slice your hand in a major way. What exactly are you trying to show there, and has the model ever actually sharpenned a knife?