Issue 178

Issue 178

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  • Summer Reading – We’ve Got It!

    About this time of year, I regularly hear about “must-read” books for the summer, or “our special summer reading list” announced on the radio. Titles on these lists are spoken of in dulcet tones with an admonition like: “perfect for a lazy summer evening on Martha’s Vineyard.” Well, as hard as it might be for you to believe, I have never spent a summer evening — lazy or otherwise — on “the vineyard”. (I have spent plenty of summer nights in my workshop, however.) For that reason, I am bringing forward some news and an offer that I think might interest other summer shop rats.

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  • Luthiers and Language

    It must be summertime. Our mailbox had more commentary about language than woodworking, a sure sign that beaches and mountains are distracting us from our shops.

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