Bandsaw Jewelry Boxes

These bandsaw boxes caught my eye with the smooth curves and unique wood selection.

1.  Hickory
2.  Zebrawood
3.  Walnut Sapwood

Handcrafted by Dave and Kathy Dye
“Retired and recommending it”

But that’s just my opinion; make sure to leave some feedback in the Comments section!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

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8 thoughts on “Bandsaw Jewelry Boxes

  1. Beautiful job on the bandsaw jewelry boxes. Mine are made in an “S” shape because of my name
    and they are always greatly appreciated gifts.

  2. They are beautiful! Have always wanted to try to build something like this! Where could one go to learn how?

  3. Other than incredible what can one say….well, besides how in the world did you do those? Care to share?? Thanks.

  4. I had plans for the lower left jewelry box (Tsunami) and made one for my daughter. I would like to make the top one (three drawer) for my other daughter. Can I purchase the plan?


  5. Mel,

    These are projects submitted by readers, not necessarily based on plans that we sell. We don’t sell the plans for any of the boxes featured in this blog post.

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