400 … and Many More!

In last week’s editorial, Rob noted that it marked the 400th edition of the Woodworker’s Journal eZine. Here’s what a couple of you had to say about that. – Editor

“Congrats! And I think you have a great sense of humor. 🙂 Hope you and your new bride are enjoying your new life together, as well.” – Frank Bator

“Quirky humor?  Really?  I thought that was my domain.  No, you have been great and I hope it continues until I can no longer turn on my woodworking equipment. I wish you the same success and I hope I am around for the next 100 issues.” – Bob Hoyle


And, prior to that, Rob had mentioned that he would be doing demos at the Grand Opening of the new Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Store in Rocklin, California. Sounds like some of you made it to see him. – Editor


“It was great meeting you in Rocklin.  I was happy to see how consistent you are in person as compared to your magazine persona – and I mean in a good way. You were very informative and quite engaging with the woodworkers in attendance. You have a nice balance of humility and woodworking expertise/authority, which came across. I thought for sure you would mention the grand opening and share some pictures in the eZine. After all it is Rockler in Rocklin, which can’t be an accidental coincidence. Plus, it is such a beautiful, spacious new store.” – Patrick Ainsworth

As for photos? See above. – Editor

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