A Call to Action

I speak often of a community of woodworkers, and a significant member of our community could really use some assistance.
Michael Dresdner has been a cornerstone of our extended woodworking family for many years. Even before I had opportunity to know him personally, I was tuned in to Michael’s generous nature. It was almost impossible for him to leave a woodworker in the lurch if there was a finishing (or woodworking) question that he could answer. When I finally got to know him, I encountered a kindred spirit of whom I’ve grown quite fond. While we were working to launch this eZine, Michael was very encouraging and has continued to support us, answering questions (for free) in nearly every issue.

Since our last issue, I have learned that Michael’s 16 year old daughter, Kaitlin, has cancer — Hodgkin’s Lymphoma — and is currently undergoing a long course of chemotherapy. The prognosis for her recovery is good, but unfortunately, Michael and his wife Jane are not insured to deal with such an illness and the many thousands of dollars it will take to complete the course of treatment. Here’s how you can help. The Woodworker’s Journal has established a donation account in Kaitlin’s name at the Key Bank in Puyallup, Washington, to offset some of her forthcoming medical bills.

Please, send what you can spare. I speak from experience when I say that nothing makes a parent feel more vulnerable than to see his or her child at risk. You can mail your donation to the address below. There are over 150,000 subscribers to this eZine out there. If each of you who can afford it, send just a few bucks, we can help Michael’s daughter beat this thing and get on with her life!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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