Weekly Editorial

  • And Here’s Robby!

    This week, Rob shares the first group of reader submitted project photos, plus Chris’ Benchtop Tool Cart and a tip for keeping router collets clean.

  • Building a Praying Mantis

    This Week, Ernie Conover tells the tale of one of his favorite woodworking projects, plus a wood buying guide and a tip on storing small fasteners.

  • Wouldn’t Change a Thing

    This week, Dan Cary talks about his favorite product, plus heating a branding iron and finishing your turning projects.

  • First Time for Everything

    This week, Chris Marshall talks making projects, we check in with Powermatic and a chisel saving reader tip.

  • The World Keeps on Spinning

    This week, Rob shares his National Woodworking month bowls, plus tighter fitting dowels and a look at new jigs from Kreg.

  • National Woodworking Month

    This week, Rob celebrates National Woodworking Month with a big announcement, plus healing veterans with woodturning and making butterfly inlays.

  • Let’s Get Started

    This week, Rob talks about the satisfaction of starting a project, plus turning spheres and segmented bowls.

  • Inlay Away!

    This week, Rob talks about his latest inlay project, plus a video of him cutting these inlays and part two of our Adirondack chair plans.

  • A Faux Spring

    This week, Rob dreams about outdoor projects, plus start one of your own with an Adirondack chair or stay inside with a DIY shelf.

  • The Long Dusty Trail

    This week, Rob gets serious about sanding, plus a look at spring’s new tools and a neat “third hand” clamping aid.