Weekly Editorial

  • Tool Auction Trial

    This week, Rob gets his wallet ready for auction season, plus making a game board and going green.

  • Yee Haw!

    This week, Rob tells the tale of his Texas trip, plus tricky glue-up tips and making your own hand plane.

  • Making It Work

    This week, Rob shares his jig making experiences and yours with pictures and video, plus we visit Sarah Listi in her shop.

  • The Jig Is Up!

    This week, Rob discusses favorite jigs (his and yours), plus a sewing cabinet video and crosscut sled safety.

  • Gone Hunting

    This week, Rob heads out into the field, plus small cabinet joinery and making a three-in-one game table.

  • Time Keeps on Moving

    This week, Rob ponders the passage of time, plus his CNC clock project and a look at the efforts Rockler is making to secure a future for hardwood forests.

  • Tree Envy

    This week, Rob ponders a burl tree he found over the weekend, plus tour Chris Marshall’s battery cabinet and learn butt joints from Ian Kirby.

  • Good Woodworking

    This week, Rob reports in from the Minnesota State Fair, plus find out what’s in store this fall and learn about skew chisels.

  • Fort in a Box

    This Week, Rob builds a fort making kit, we take a look at useful sheet goods and a tip on how to make jointer maintenance easier.

  • Student Woodworking

    This Week, Rob heads to the fair, plus we check in with woodworker Stevie Estler and a mobile shop cabinet.