Weekly Editorial

  • Woodworking: Outdoor Games

    This week, Rob gets his game on, plus straightening distorted lumber and we talk to Char Miller-King.

  • The Blood Moon

    This week, Rob explores woodworking superstitions, he builds a resin table and a cool swing for your porch.

  • Going in Peace

    This week, Rob builds an outhouse, plus a look at Laguna’s dust collector and a rolling workshop cart idea.

  • Dusty Trails

    This week, Rob sweeps some dust, look at the new tools for spring and turn a small, square jewelry box.

  • Weird Woodworking Words

    This week, Rob discovers new woodworking terms, plus we install torsion hinges and store our router bits in a unique way.

  • I Want Green Legs

    This week, Rob heads to his lathe, Ernie teaches how to clean a chuck and how to repair swollen biscuits easily.

  • Time Is the Test

    This week, Rob previews some new projects, plus tips for buying a scroll chuck and buffing a finish without dedicated finishing tools.

  • Pine Away!

    This Week, Rob ponders the preponderance of pine, plus installing undermount slides and saving your hands when squeezing glue.

  • Roll Away Home

    This week, Rob provides an update on his shelving challenges, plus creating butt joints and a check-in with a Kentucky woodworking school.

  • The Big Test

    This week, Rob tackles a huge project, plus building boats and skills plus a deep dive into band saws.