Weekly Editorial

  • Super Smooth, No Sanding

    This week, Rob looks at the benefits of the hand plane, including a video from Ernie Conover on how to assemble a plane and a fun look at the world’s largest hand plane (yes, it actually works!)

  • Computerized Router Power

    Rob discusses the new innovations in CNC and we see a few videos about the possible benefits of these machines in your shop.

  • Whoops! It’s November!

    This Issue we look into portable routing options, including tables, storage, router bits and a look at a new hand-held CNC option

  • Song Sung Dry

    Rob’s song writing career never took off quite the way he’d hoped, but he does have quite a bit of knowledge about dust collection in the workshop.

  • Gifts Great and Small

    If you love woodworking, chances are you also love making gifts for your loved ones. Rob has some suggestions (and videos) for what to start making this year.

  • Smooth Operator

    Sanding isn’t many woodworker’s favorite task, but Rob has some suggestions (and videos) to make the task a little less irritating.

  • Mitering Methods

    Rob muses on creating cabinets this week, including frame-and-panel doors and making proper miter joints.

  • Always Keep Learning

    No matter how long you’ve been a woodworker, you never stop learning. Rob explores some different ways to gain knowledge in this week’s editorial.

  • Clamping Tricks

    Every woodworker has to glue and clamp at some point, this week we have tips from Carole Rothman and an introduction to Rockler’s Bandy Clamps.

  • A SawStop Sneak Peek

    Rob gets a first look at the new Saw Stop Jobsite Saw and Chris Marshall shows how a jig can help make taper cutting a breeze.