Weekly Editorial

  • High Quality Hardwood

    This week, Rob wonders about the availability of good hardwoods, plus we talk veneering with vacuums and a close look at harvesting your own bowl blanks.

  • Woodworking is All That

    This week, Rob has a question about what you will do next, we build a storage space for garden tools and discussing the best finishes for outdoor projects.

  • Not Expecting That…

    This week, Rob is overwhelmed by the response to his kit making question, plus cutting circles with a router and tips for choosing a jointer.

  • Did You Really Make That?

    This week, Rob considers the concept of project kits, plus a deep dive on portable saw mills and a woodturning project that will give you your own mallet.

  • What’s New

    This week, Rob checks in on reader’s workshop progress, we share a great plan for building your next outdoor chair and we help you choose the wood for said project.

  • The Rich Life

    This week, Rob talks about life’s riches (and boxes), plus his tips for making layouts simpler and instructions for building a memorial flag box.

  • Memorial Day

    This week, Rob speaks on the importance of Memorial Day, plus two projects from Chris Marshall, an English Bench and a a picture frame.

  • Wood Burning as Embellishment

    This week, Rob talks a little bit about his admiration for the art of pyrography, plus a look at making coasters with epoxy and find out what’s new in tools for the month of May.

  • Butternut Lumber

    This week, Rob talks the finer points of butternut lumber, plus tips for finishing turning projects with Ernie Conover and we show you a jig for cutting dadoes with a router.

  • Let’s Go Green

    This week, Rob discusses the benefits of working with green wood, plus expert articles on finishing outdoor furniture and cutting your own box joints.