Weekly Editorial

  • Cypress Revisited

    In this issue, Chris tackles an unfamiliar wood species, plus a visit from Shaper and plans for nested bowls, a portable greenhouse and a recycled marking knife.

  • Dovetailing Decisions

    In this issue, Chris ponders the use of dovetails, plus, JET’s latest lathe, a fence upgrade, plus plans for a plant stand and tool storage.

  • Woodworking, Sort Of…

    In this issue, Chris Marshall engages in a yard clean-up effort, we look at a salad bowl finish and a tool coating and plans for a media center and a highboy cabinet.

  • Share a Hero Story!

    This week, Chris searches for heartwarming woodworking stories, plus MICROJIG gives back, making layout lines and plans for a spice rack and a highboy.

  • Don’t Wait!

    In this issue, Chris stops putting things off, plus a new tool for slab flattening, old tools for lathe holding, plus plans for a shelf and a coat rack.

  • Hankerin’ for Hide Glue?

    This week, Chris explores hide glue, Swedish-style art, cutting circles and wine cabinet and chair plans.

  • Woodworking Is Alive and Well

    This week, Chris gets inspired on a trip to Cary, North Carolina, plus new tools and plans for a jewelry box, jewelry holder and a country table.

  • Progress Over Perfection

    This week, Chris is inspired by the Terminator, plus routing a clock, workshop storage tips and a folding table plan.

  • Season of Sharing

    In this issue, Chris Marshall talks about his latest Christmas Tradition, plus a tip on a fence alteration, and three gift project ideas.

  • Are You Trying Something New?

    In this issue, Chris Marshall puts out a challenge, plus learn about hickory, tips on replacing a nailset and plans for a cutting board and a wine rack.