Weekly Editorial

  • Dog Days

    This week, Rob appreciates the dog days, plus a slatted shelving project and a tip for saving wear on chisels.

  • Back, Safe and Sound

    This week, Rob’s back in town and ready to work, plus a feature on steam bending and making a pencil box.

  • Hot, Hot, Hot

    This week, Rob touches down in Vegas, plus his technique for turning a lamp body and understanding wood figure.

  • One Man’s Mess

    This week, Rob cleans up the workshop, Chris Marshall builds a chair and a reader’s idea for a magnetic lathe rest.

  • Summer in the Shop

    This week, Rob writes an ode to summer woodworking, plus we explore the rising costs of lumber and take a look at this summer’s new tools.

  • Stress Reliever

    This week, Rob seeks refuge in his workshop, plus turning a tray and a shop-made holder for mitered workpieces.

  • Shape Shifting

    This week, Rob ponders wood’s natural form, we look into rough sawn lumber and how to make your own scratch awl.

  • Outdoor Woodworking

    This week, Rob basks in the sun, plus a folding desk for your workshop and keeping your cabinet doors safe during sanding.

  • Back in the Groove

    This week, Rob shares his steam bending experience, plus a different way to cut inlays and a look at Rockler’s new lumber expansion.

  • On the Lake

    This week, Rob takes a trip to the lake, plus a look at carbide insert turning tools and building desks for a good cause with a WJ staffer.