A Lot of Stuff

Rob-Portrait351At this moment, it seems likely that I will sell my house on December 1st … which is a good thing. However, it does mean I have to pack up my workshop by the end of November: Whoa! Somehow, I seem to have gathered a lot of stuff!

It is good stuff, for sure, even though my wife keeps asking things like “What do you do with this?” and “Do you really need three of these?” (The answers are, of course, “Yes” and “Yes, maybe four!”)

So, in the short term, I recommend buying stock in plastic tub companies, as I have apparently cornered the market on those handy plastic totes and raised demand across the Midwest. The big tools are going to be a challenge — my lathe weighs about 600 pounds — but hey, you dance with the gal that brought you.

So if you see me moving slowly and talking about a sore back, you will know the cause of my ailments. Did I mention I have a lot of stuff?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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