A Simpler Dust Collector

A Simpler Dust Collector

A Simpler Dust Collector

“How come you see lots of articles on dust collectors, but they never talk about the ‘less-mess dust collector’ for contractor-type table saws?” – Ken Richmond

We’re not sure, but here’s a link if you’d like to read more about it. – Editor

Leonid and Svetlana Zakurdayev

“That is some of the most remarkable carving I have ever had the pleasure to see. What an asset this husband and wife are to this great nation of ours.” – Ed Scavone

“That was a great piece; interesting and amazing. It gives beginner carvers like me hope and the desire to become better.” – Jody Troja

Percussive Maintenance

We printed a letter in the last issue from someone whose old VW starter motor responded to a ‘swift kick’ from a hammer, and got several letters similar to the following one suggesting that it was a “solenoid” and not a “capacitor” that was sticking. – Editor

“I am sure you have already received numerous letters on the sticky capacitor, but I wanted to add to the fire. As a radio amateur, I have to tell you that capacitors arc, blow up, and short out, as well as other shocking things, but they do not stick and are not repairable with a hammer, brick or swift kick. Solenoids do stick and are found outside some starters. A light tap will sometimes free them enough to operate again for awhile. I do enjoy the email newsletter so keep it up.” – John Graves

Ryobi Recall

“I think you would be doing your subscribers a great service if you would alert them to this recall of Ryobi radial arm saws. Thank you.” – Rich Rainer

Thank you, Rich, for bringing this to our attention. Here’s the pertinent information. – Editor

Shaving Horse

The last issue had a question about a shaving horse, which prompted this writer to ask for more information. – Editor

“Is there a set of plans or drawings for making one of these? I could really use one of these.” – Bruce Morris

Do a quick Google search and you will find dozens of plans available for shaving horses, but just in case you wanted a bit more, here’s a woodworking school that has recently added a ‘build your own shaving horse’ course. – Editor

The Joys of Melamine

Rob’s commentary on melamine hit a sympathetic chord. – Editor

“Loved your editorial. If you had written it three weeks ago, I would have been spared enduring the bloody mess of ravaged flesh I used to call my hands. The cabinets turned out nice, but it’s going to take a while for the rest of me to recover.” – Randy Eisenberg

Tormek and JET

In our last issue, there was some talk about the fact that JET’s new slow speed wet grinder is made in China. This gent had an interesting comment about that. – Editor

“I’m not sure why everyone is so quick to attack the JET because it is made in China. It’s not like the Tormek is made in the U.S.A. The Tormek is made in Sweden.” – Joel Hansen

Trash Into Treasure

Just when we were pretty sure we had exhausted the topic of curb picking, one reader alerted us to this website that turns dumpster diving into an online experience, and another offered us a new name for it. – Editor

“I think dumpster diving is an international pastime because I have seen it going on all over the world. Incidentally, dumpsters are known as ‘skips’ here in the UK, and those that rifle through its contents are known as ‘skippers.'” – Pat Scally

Aye aye, skipper. – Editor

Typo Corner

Our thanks to Eva Bailey for providing this issue’s typo corner entry by calling our attention to our own typo. – Editor

On the third page of the directions for the clam digger’s basket it says “and rubbed the piece down with a clean clot.”

We should have pointed out that it is perfectly acceptable to use a “clean cloth” if you can’t find a “clean clot” around the house. – Editor

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