A Turn for the Better

Rob-Portrait351Two weeks ago I bought a lathe. I didn’t ease into it…I bought a 14″ iron bed, full-sized beauty. My boss helped me tote it home and then I told my wife about my new tool and how excited I was about it. For some inscrutable reason, she didn’t share my excitement or become all gushy in anticipation of impending masterpieces. After 24 years of marriage, she was not surprised or even upset by my workshop addition. And to tell you the truth, her non-reaction kind of took the wind out of my sails…for about an hour.

Turning is one of the few areas of woodworking where I am not very experienced. But that is about to change. I’m jumping in with both feet, and I’m not alone. A good number of woodworkers (especially boomers like me) are getting into turning. For that reason, I’m pleased to announce a new column in the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine. It’s a turning department written by Steve Blenk. Steve has over 30 years experience turning wood and I am so happy that he is writing for us now. I’m also looking forward to learning along with my readers.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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