A VS Belt Sander with Variable Handle Positions

A VS Belt Sander with Variable Handle Positions

There is a little kid’s poem that begins “I keep three wishes handy…” Perhaps that was the inspiration for RIDGID’s three-position handle on one of their newest additions to their power tool line, the 3″ x 21″ belt sander (model R2720). Probably not, but you never know: it could be a wish fulfillment for a multitude of belt sander users wanting to adjust the three-position front pommel handle into their own personal comfort setting.

Other comfortable features include overmolded soft grip handles for a secure grasp of the tool, with reduced vibration. Another plus is an electronic soft start for more easily controlled start-ups.

Of course, the new 3″ x 21″ is designed not just to be comfortable, but also to accomplish its task of sanding. A dial allows you to set variable speeds, from 800 to 1,500 surface feet per minute, for applications that range from heavy material removal to light finish sanding. A flat face on the sander also allows for flush sanding against vertical surfaces. (A really nice touch.)

Power for the R2720 comes from a 10-amp incline motor, belt- and gear-driven with accessible brushes for quick service. Belt alignment comes from finger adjust tracking, while it’s easy to change belts with a tool-free belt release.

The R2720 comes with a dust bag, 80-grit sanding belt and handle wrench. It’s available at Home Depot, where it sells for about $180. More information is onĀ www.ridgid.com.

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