Ace Hardware Paint: A Bluer Shade of White

Ace Hardware Paint: A Bluer Shade of White

Fade…to white. It’s not the production notes for a new Hollywood movie: it’s a description of how Ace Hardware’s new ceiling paint works. It’s blue when you put it on, but it gradually fades to the more pristine color.

The idea, says Dick Bristol, director of Ace Hardware’s Paint Division, is to make the tricky job of painting ceilings easier for consumers. “Usually white paint is being applied over another coat of white,” Dick explained. “Adding to the difficulty is lighting the surface so you can really see what you’re doing. Just when you think you can see, your own shadow gets in the light. Inevitably, the end result are unwanted streaks and missed spots.”

Enter Ace Simply Magic Ceiling Paint. It comes with a packet of blue dye additive attached to the top of the paint can. Just before you paint, you remove the packet, cut it open and squeeze the contents into the paint can. As you stir in the dye, the paint becomes blue – making it easy for you to see where you’re applying paint, and to do so evenly, without missing spots.

The “unique chemical composition” of the paint then reacts with sunlight, causing the blue to fade, within 24 hours, to a white matte finish. You can find out more about Simply Magic Ceiling Paint, which sells at a suggested price of $17.99 a gallon, by calling 877-223-4391 or visiting┬áto find a local store.

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