Adding Extra Table Saw Storage

Adding Extra Table Saw Storage

I finally got tired of searching for all of the throatplate inserts, push sticks, blades, featherboards and angle gauges scattered around the shop instead of stored on my mobile table saw where they belong. I was planning on adding just a drawer to my saw and locating it below the rip fence rails. But that would have left about 3″ of unused vertical space above the drawer in the rail area. So I’ve filled that spot with a tray and a top door that opens with concealed cabinet door hinges.

Table saw rip fence extension drawer and hidden compartment

Now, my throatplates, push sticks, tape measure, pencils and angle gauge store in there. The drawer gives me a place for extra blades, dado set, small jigs, featherboards and the blade guard when I need to remove it. This combo unit is just the storage solution I’ve needed!

– Edwin J. Santiago
West Allis, Wisconsin

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