(Almost) Summertime, and the Woodworking Is Easy

Rob-Portrait351In these next two weeks, the unofficial kickoff to the summer season occurs. While it’s no comparison to the actual kickoffs from my beloved Minnesota Vikings that will occur in a few months, summer does have its perks – one of them being that it’s possible to be in the outdoors, or at least semi-outdoors, here in the North Country without freezing your tuckus off.

For me, “semi-outdoors” means that I can be out in my shop, with the doors open to the wonders of nature – birdsong, puffy white clouds … skunks for my dog to chase … while participating in my favorite hobby and adding my own contributions to the summer soundtrack. Sounds like the whine of the table saw, the whirr of the sander, the whistles of the woodworker … why, yes, I do live on what some (who hadn’t seen it) might call a “country estate.” It’s the best of both worlds.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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