American Hardwoods Mobile App

American Hardwoods Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a quick reference to America’s native hardwoods whenever you need it? Now there’s a free app for iPhones and other Apple mobile devices, produced by the American Hardwood Information Center. It could make choosing which hardwood species to use for your next woodworking project a lot easier.

The “American Hardwoods Species Guide” app not only includes information about the 20 most abundant American hardwood species — availability, physical and working characteristics, strength and mechanical properties, and typical applications of each — but it also gives users the ability to compare two species at a time.

Additionally, a stain simulator displays each species in clear, light, medium and dark finishes to help visualize stain combinations for flooring, cabinetry, molding and furniture coexisting in a single design space. The species profiles include images featuring the wood in finished applications.

If you don’t have an Apple mobile device, you can visit to browse a “Species Guide” online, or download it for printing. It contains most of the same information as the mobile app but without the ability to compare two species side by side.

The American Hardwood Information Center is the authoritative resource for consumers and professionals seeking information about American hardwoods. With the goal of promoting the use of American hardwood products ranging from flooring, cabinetry and furniture, to millwork and building materials in both residential and commercial applications, the Center offers advice from industry experts on design trends, care and maintenance, installation, finishing and professional specifying.

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