And the Winner is!

Rob-Portrait351A few issues ago I asked readers to tell me about the last-minute projects in their life. (By the way … my family’s suspicions were correct about the bathroom cabinet. I got close to completing it, but did not make the deadline.) The only solace in this sad situation is that in my misery, I do indeed have company. Many of you shared your last-minute masterpiece stories with me, and you can read a few of them on the reader’s response page. A few of you put me in mind of the adage, “If I wasn’t procrastinating, I wouldn’t be doing anything.” In publishing, we describe this as being “deadline oriented.”

At the time I asked the question, I mentioned that we would turn this into a contest. After a few technical problems with our e-mail server and a delay caused by my much overdue vacation (I’m ready for another one any time now!) … the waiting is now over. The winner of two very nice CMT 10″ saw blades is Dennis Halpin. Congratulations! (Now get busy and finish those projects.)


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journa

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