Ash Sewing Box

Ash Sewing Box

I thought your readers may like to see this Sewing box I made for my wife in 2012 for a Christmas present. I am an amateur as regards making anything from wood, and this was my first major project, I think the wood is white ash, but I’m not sure.

Although I started with plans similar to this box I changed it completely in style and looks by altering the top and adding feet and adding two support legs at the back and inlaying the “Ruth’s Sewing Box” letters with the aid of a Scroll saw.  Finally, I added a pull open handle on the back.

I worked out the sizes by measuring my wife’s sewing bits etc to create the inside pockets and slots. I hope you like the finished result, my wife loves it.

-Len Morris
Wallasey, Wirral, Cheshire, England

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