Back in the Saddle

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Once I was back from my fishing trip to a super-secret location in northern Minnesota, and most of my mosquito bites had gone away, it was time to try my skills at a task I knew something about. It seemed my daughter wanted an outdoor raised planter for her birthday. I said, “Sure.” Four boards nailed together and tossed into her backyard, piece of cake! (And I’d be a hero!)

That’s when she sent me the photo of the planter she had in mind … it was a tad more complicated than my mental image. (Curse you, Pinterest! May your zeros and ones decay and become Ethernet compost!) Anyway, it was for her birthday and it was kind of cool. So I spent Saturday making a tiered layer-cake looking planter.

Delivered on Sunday afternoon, I have to say it was a success and looked much better that a four-board rectangle.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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