Backyard Greenhouse

Backyard Greenhouse

We built a 16′ x 10′ cedar greenhouse in our backyard here in Colorado. We used only cedar, which we stained with Sikkens, as well as stainless steel hardware, 8mm twin wall polycarbonate panels, a 16″ thermostatically controlled fan and a timer controlled soaker system to water the plants when we’re away on summer camping trips. The plant beds are 30″ high around the perimeter of the greenhouse and lined with a rubber roofing material to prevent the inside walls from water damage. The door is also cedar and built using Beadlock joinery with a removable polycarbonate panel for air movement in the summer and to keep the heat in during the early Spring and late Fall. It all sits on a foundation of 6″ x 6″ treated timbers with a natural crushed decomposed granite floor that covers a ΒΌ” mesh grating to prevent moles and voles from digging up into the plant beds. We added a cedar 7′ potting bench complete with a sink and faucet, shelves and a potting grate and bin to catch the dirt.

The greenhouse gives us a longer growing season here at 7100′ and keeps the deer, bears, raccoons and other animals from raiding our crops!

– Jamie Tuckwell
Sedalia, Colorado

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