On Beans, Scrolling, Ship’s Knees and Sidelined Birds

On Beans, Scrolling, Ship’s Knees and Sidelined Birds

coffee189Java Jive

Rob’s admission of a serious coffee habit drew comments from some fellow bean buyers, and from just plain fans. – Editor

“As a fellow bean grinding, crema sipping coffee drinker and bean pusher, I found your latest editorial quite amusing. My wife accuses me of pushing coffee on people, specifically my source of freshly roasted, fair trade, organic, and dare I say, Kosher beans.” – Douglas Simpson

“I too, used to have a hot cup of black coffee  in front of me all day long. I know now that I was addicted for sure. Coffee has a way of catching up with you in ways you never imagined. After I retired I stopped ‘cold turkey’ with the usual side effects. I must admit that I do feel better, but I am back enjoying my morning and occasional during the day cup.” – Lionel Gladu

“I just had to tell you how much I enjoy reading your commentaries. You do have pop in your prose and whether it’s coffee induced or not, I enjoy it every time. Thanks.” – Adriana Seuffert

Bean Box

Speaking of beans, we ran a reader’s comment about a bean box, which left some wondering just what that is. – Editor

“OK, I’ve got to ask. What is a bean box and what’s it used for?” – Chris Gawarecki

“My interest was piqued by Scott Trevathan’s ‘hard to describe’ bean box. Scott, if you’re out there please tell us what a bean box is.” – Phil Gilstrap

If anyone else out there knows, don’t be afraid to pipe up. We’re all curious. – Editor

Just Scrolling Along

Our Web Surfer’s Review contained a thread about whether a table saw or band saw was the best first purchase. That inspired this comment. – Editor

“I feel that one of the most relaxing saws to use was overlooked. I have been scroll sawing for a number of years, and I would choose this saw over all of my others if I had to make a choice. I’m not saying that I disagree with much of what was said. I just wish we scrollers were represented a bit more frequently.” – Jim Horton

He’s not the only one feeling underrepresented. – Editor

“I have been getting your journal for a while now and really don’t see anything but woodworking for people who are equipped with a lot of expensive tools and big shops. I would like to see some articles on the backyard woodworker who doesn’t have a lot of tools, money or space to have a shop, and perhaps works with free recycled wood.” – William S. Pearson

Though they are a bit harder to find, as they often don’t have a web presence, we don’t ignore low tech woodworkers. In issue 181 we showcased a carver who works small pieces of scrap wood, carving primarily with only a single knife. Not long before that we focused on a couple who make wooden articulated dolls almost entirely by hand. Since you have broached the subject, this is a good time to remind everyone that we are always open to introductions. If you know of a woodworker who would be interesting to read about, even if it is you, please point us to the appropriate web site. – Editor

Ship’s Knees

“Great article on the ‘ships knees’ [in the premium edition] and a nice picture of the guy in the boat. Now for those of us who have no idea what a ship’s knee is, how about a picture?” – Martin Frincke

To be honest, we were wondering the same thing. Here’s some clarification from Simon Watts, the guy who wrote the piece. – Editor


This Tale’s for the Birds

This letter spun a story worth sharing, even though it came a bit late for last issue’s discussion on what inspires your projects. – Editor

“A while back we put new siding on our home, replacing the cedar with fiber cement siding. About a week later, my wife said, ‘The swallows are back, and they’re not happy!’ For the last 10 years we have had swallows nesting in a small hole in the chimney chase. The new siding had covered their ‘front door’ and they were quite confused, not only by the missing hole, but by the fact that they couldn’t make a new hole. The next morning I built a nice little birdhouse from some leftover cedar trim and mounted it near where their original hole was. It was occupied within 24 hours.” – Tim Haller

Quiz Quandary

“If you answered ‘Polyvinyl acetate emulsion’ on the Premium edition quiz question ‘What is the chemical composition of yellow carpenter’s glue?’ you were told it was correct, but if you answered ‘polymer emulsion’ you were told it was wrong. In fact, both answers are right because polyvinyl acetate is a polymer. Hence, it is both a polymer emulsion and more specifically, a PVA emulsion. It’s like asking ‘What is a Prius?’ The answers ‘a hybrid car’ and ‘a hybrid car made by Toyota’ are both right even though the latter is more specific. Furthermore, if you answered ‘True’ to the question ‘If you own a 16 inch band saw, its size refers to the diameter of the blade wheels,’ you were told that is incorrect, but in fact, in most cases, band saws are indeed rated by the size of the wheels and not the cutting throat. Most 16 inch saws have only a fifteen and a half or fifteen and three quarters cutting throat. Except for three wheel band saws, which are rare, that answer is correct for the vast majority of band saws.” – M. J. McKittrick

It seems there is truly a bit of ambiguity when it comes to the ‘right’ answers in our quiz. – Editor

Typo Corner

“We have oak flooring that has been sanded to bear wood.”

Bear wood? Does that look anything like Douglas “fur”? (Sorry about that.) – Editor

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