Beauty as You Behold It

Rob-Portrait351While watching the Antiques Roadshow (the program which asks the question: why didn’t your parents give you a Chippendale highboy?), I was once again struck by the way that all humans attempt to surround themselves with beauty. From folk art to fine furniture, the desire is the same — to make the space we live in more pleasant. (And, of course more functional, but even there, beauty occasionally trumps practicality.)

Which brought my mind back to woodworking. So many choices that I make in my work revolve around making the project look better. And while that is an entirely subjective judgment, it can be as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar. (Have you ever changed your significant other’s mind if they announce, “oh, that’s ugly”? I thought not.)

So how about you? Do you buy a more expensive piece of wood to add beauty to a project? Do you take the extra day or so to achieve a smooth and silky finish?

This editor wants to know.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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