Better Preparation for the Woodworking Shows

Are “The Woodworking Shows” Any Good?

To prepare himself for the recent Woodworking Show in Columbus, David F. Jankowski researched the features and retail pricing for the JoinTech and Incra router fence and lifts sets. That prepared him to get the most out of the product demos and walk away with an Incra system for less than he’d have spent on a smaller system at a local retailer.

Plastic Tube Time Bombs

Frank Miale, a retired battalion chief with the FDNY, wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the danger of static electricity in the shop. Especially, according to Frank, when you factor in the flammable vapors created when applying a finish. Though he admits it’s unlikely, static electricity in the right place can ignite fine dust as surely as a match will ignite gasoline. He recommends that all potential static charge sources be grounded.

Recalling a test conducted for Fine Woodworking, Dennis Conners noted that the two scientists involved (one a woodworker, the other an expert in lightning) found plastic pipe to be safe. Dennis equates concerns about plastic bombs to urban legends.

Brett Anderson sent in a link to Bill Pentz’s web site on dust collection. According to Brett, the site concisely covers the topic and even provides plans for a cyclone dust collector.

With so many affordable dust collection systems now available, John E. Loeffler III appreciated the timeliness of the concerns raised by the original questioner. John was less appreciative of what he called Rob Johnstone’s sarcastic response to the concerns.

Air-Pressure Tools for Woodworking

A veteran builder of street rods, Ron Rogers has found that his metalworking air tools adapt beautifully to woodworking, and he’s gradually building up an inventory of woodworking air tools!

Long-term Tool Storage

According to Don Rumrill, WD40 is not very effective for long-term rust protection, because most of it will evaporate within a month or so. For serious, long-term protection he suggests a product like Boeshield & a wax carried in a solvent.

Free Plans

The punctuation on our colonial sign plans made Chris Kindschi cringe. Whoever made the example, Chris noted, confused possessives and plurals. “The Smiths” would be sufficient to state the name of the occupants, and an apostrophe is really unnecessary in this context. While he’s on a roll, Chris also identified another pet peeve related to displaying names & not adding “es” to the plural form of a proper name ending in “s”. For instance, the plural of Jones is Joneses & as in those people with whom we all try to keep up.

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