Big Foot Tools Head Cutters

Big Foot Tools Head Cutters

The 75-degree Head Cutter from Big Foot Tools is a chainsaw attachment that provides a solid guide plate, similar to the shoe on a circular saw, to help orient the saw for accurate angle cutting. The plate’s clamp secures to the chainsaw’s bar, and a protractor scale enables the plate to be tilted from 0 to 75 degrees. This patented design allows the Head Cutter to clamp to any chainsaw bar up to 3 in. wide and between 14 and 44 in. long.

With a Head Cutter installed, a standard chainsaw now can be used to accurately cut laminated beams, landscaping timber, thick planks of hard or softwood, fence posts, large structural panels and more.

The company recently has added a 75-degree Head Cutter XL with an oversized base plate measuring 14 x 20 in., in contrast to the standard Head Cutter’s plate that measures 10 x 16 in. A built-in handle on the XL also adds more control and stability. The Head Cutter XL can accommodate wider chainsaw bars ranging from 2 to 6 in. and from 14 to 44 in. long.

Made in America from 6061 aircraft aluminum and steel, the standard 75-degree Head Cutter (item CS-75HC) sells for $259. The 75-degree Head Cutter XL (item CS-75HCXL) sells for $349. Both can be purchased through various distributors shown on and are backed by a 1-year warranty.

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