Black + Decker Launches SMARTECH Batteries, App

Black + Decker Launches SMARTECH™ Batteries, App

Some of today’s lithium-ion tool batteries can do more than just power a tool longer and more efficiently. They also can communicate with your smartphone or tablet to provide some useful information and added control for you. Consider Black + Decker’s new SMARTECH™ Batteries, which use Bluetooth® Technology to connect to the company’s new mobile app. The app has three main components: My Products, Messages, and Projects. Combined with the new SMARTECH Battery USB charging feature, the app and batteries connect tools with the latest device technology to help enhance your project and tool experiences.

In the “My Products” section of the app, you can view a list of your connected batteries. You can also select and interact directly with an individual battery when in range. There are four key functions: enable or disable the battery, view the percent of the battery’s remaining charge, turn on the locate feature to find a missing battery, or activate the battery’s integrated USB port. When activated, this port can power your external devices, such as tablets and phones, when you connect them to the battery with a USB cable.

All connected SMARTECH batteries can be monitored via the “Messages” section of the app, where you’ll receive battery notifications. Combined, the features in My Products and Messages sections simplify battery use, making SMARTECH batteries easy to find and allowing you to quickly determine which ones require charging. And the ability to turn a battery off remotely gives you the peace of mind that a tool won’t be usable without your consent.

Finally, the app features a “Projects” section. It’s a resource that provides a wide variety of DIY ideas and inspiration from Black + Decker. The Projects section also makes recommendations for which tools are best suited to which project, while providing DIY tips that are just a few clicks away.

Available now, batteries featuring SMARTECH Technology will be compatible with all BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX tools, and the app is available for free for iOS and Android devices on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. SMARTECH Batteries retail for approximately $69.


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