Black and Decker’s “Intelligent” Mouse Sander

Black and Decker’s “Intelligent” Mouse Sander

Black and Decker’s new version of their Mouse® palm sander is designed to get you in the zone – the zone where your palm sander talks to you.

Not directly, of course (although, with the way that technology is going, I suspect that day may not be far away). No, for now, the Mouse plays you a version of “Red Light, Green Light”: as you likely remember from traffic signals, green is good-to-go, red means stop-what-you’re-doing.

In this case, the Zone Light gives you the green light when you’re applying the proper amount of pressure for the best surface finish. See a red light? You’re sanding too hard. Too much pressure for the Mouse to do its best job.


The “intelligent” Mouse knows all this from sensing the motor speed. (A single green light, as opposed to the full “you’re doing a good job sanding” one, means that the sander is turned on, or is in the light sanding mode.) It also has an auto calibration feature which balances the power going to the tool, for consistent sanding performance, regardless of natural power fluctuations that may occur in your home while it’s plugged in.

This smarty-pants sander, which comes with a storage bag and 24 accessories, sells for $39.99. Find out more info at

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