Blowing Out the Dust

In last eZine’s editorial, Rob mentioned a particular method he has been using to spring clean his shop. It sounds like he’s not the only one. – Editor

“Leaf blower shop cleaning: I am delighted to hear that someone else uses this technique, too!” – Randy Hinton

“That is about the best way to clean out a shop.  I use my leaf blower that way every time it gets too much to try and sweep.  I just have to make sure the wife’s car is not in the way (I sometimes use the blower to remove the ‘accidental dusting’ of her car as well.)” – R.L. Hoyle

Although it doesn’t sound like everyone exactly appreciated the idea. – Editor

“Read your article on using the leaf blower to clean out the shop/garage. My wife nearly did a happy dance, like that was the best woodworking tip she’d ever heard. So, guess what I did this week? Move my tools and blow out the shop. I do really appreciate most of your tips, but this time …” – Doug Selfe


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