BORA® Router Guide

BORA® Router Guide

Straight, accurate dadoes and rabbets will be easy to make with your handheld router when it’s attached to BORA’s new Router Guide and any BORA WTX Clamp Edge (sold separately).

The Router Guide’s wide side channel fits over the Clamp Edge to ensure straight cuts. And, you can mount nearly any make and model of router to the Router Guide without fasteners. Instead, the Guide comes with a 1-in. standard brass guide bushing. Once it’s installed on the router base, the router simply registers on the Router Guide by fitting the guide bushing into a center hole.


There’s a cutting adjustment feature on the Router Guide, too, for making wide dadoes. Once you’ve made a first pass with a 1/4-, 3/8- or 1/2-in. straight bit, loosening two knobs enables you to clamp a workpiece into the jig to pre-set the width of dado you want to cut. This adjustment dials the jig in for a second pass that widens the dado.

BORA’s Router Guide sells for $52 and is available now through its online store. To learn more about it or place an order, click here.


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