Bosch 11619EVS Plunge Router: Plunging Into Router Futures

Bosch 11619EVS Plunge Router: Plunging Into Router Futures

Plunge routers have always made sense when you’re hand routing, but the plunge feature tended to work against you when you flipped it upside down and mounted it on a router table. Bosch has set out to fix this problem with its recently unveiled 11619EVS Plunge Router.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. This router will have a 3 1/4 HP, 15 amp motor that ranges from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM and will be able to pretty much beat up any other router on your block. So be careful.

The key to this plunge router, however, is a patent-pending system that has been designed to negate the plunge lock and plunge spring when you’re using it on a router table. So depth adjustment while the router is inverted will be more fluid and less of a struggle. The unit will come complete with a unique depth rod system that will attache to the router base for even easier adjustments while it’s on the router table.

This router is so new that we didn’t get a chance to try it out. In fact, it’s so new it won’t even be available until January 2001. So we’ll just list some of the other features of this router, based on what the folks at Bosch told us.

– Soft-start to reduce startup torque
– Constant Response? circuitry to monitor and adjust RPM
– Extra-large base that handles the largest bits
– Front spindle lock
– Precision Centering? Design that keeps the bit centered in the router base
– Coarse and microfine adjustment knobs for precise depth adjustment
– Extension knob for under-table adjustment of bit depth

– Bob Filipczak

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