Bosch: Detailing a Corner Sanding Solution

Bosch: Detailing a Corner Sanding Solution

I have to say that sanding is not my favorite part of a project (and I am certain I am not alone here), but it’s one of those things, like putting gas in your car, that just has to be done. And tool manufacturers, for their part, do keep trying to make it easier.

For instance, Bosch has just released their Corner/Detail Sander Kit, Model #1294VSK. The 2.6 amp sander that’s the heart of this kit has a 3-3/4″ sanding plate and is designed to act as a finishing sander. It also has a low vibration and an ergonomic soft-grip top, to make the task of sanding easier on you, in the physical sense. The low weight – under 2.4 pounds – is also part of these ergonomic considerations.

The sander revs up to 13,000 to 19,000 opm, making fast work of your sanding tasks. You don’t need to get out any tools to change the sanding pads, either, which saves more time. And a built-in dust port is ready to hook up to your collection system.

With the kit, you get 20 sanding sheets, a polishing pad, extension pad, narrow oval and flat extensions, plus the regular plate. It all sells for a standard price of $129. But I’ve saved my favorite part of the kit for last: the carrying case, where you can store all your sanding supplies out of sight (and out of mind) until you have to think about them for the next project.

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