Bosch is Latest with a Laser

Bosch is Latest with a Laser

Gizmos come and gizmos go, that is the nature of “added value” features on woodworking tools. And in the normal flow of the market, the really useful ones stick around and finally become standard features. (Keyless chucks on power drills are one example.) Adding lasers to existing tools with the goal of enhancing accuracy seems to be a trend that is moving to the “must have” end of the accessory spectrum.


At the recent AWFS trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch introduced three miter saws with battery-powered lasers. The models include the 4410L 10″ and the 5412L 12″ dual bevel sliding compound miter saws, as well as the 4212″ 12″ dual bevel compound miter saw. All of these saw feature the safety-enhancing up front controls that are such a plus on the Bosch saws. Now with the addition of their laser-tracking system, these saws really are a rich package of state-of-the art add-ons.

I found these saws for sale on-line with prices ranging from $637.99 for the 5412L to $529.99 for the 4410L. In between those two, the 4412 was available for $579.99.


The laser tracking system is not currently available as an aftermarket accessory, but Bosch is considering putting it on the market in the upcoming year.

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