Bosch Multi-Grip Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Bosch Multi-Grip Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Bosch’s new Multi-Grip GSA18V-125 18V EC Brushless 1-1/4-in. Reciprocating Saw combines an advanced handle design with a powerful 18-volt Bosch EC brushless motor and orbital/non-orbital action. Bosch says it provides next-generation corded-like power and optimized user comfort to reduce fatigue in rough cutting and demolition work in pipe, metal or hardwood.

The 7.7-lb., 19-in.-long saw’s multi-grip handle allows it to be held comfortably in a variety of positions, such as overhead, close to the ground or sideways, for longer periods of time. It’s also the first cordless reciprocating saw to feature three orbital settings (0-1-2), which allows users to select the aggressiveness of the stroke that’s best suited to the cutting task at hand.

Delivering 0 to 2,500 strokes per minute with a 1-1/4-in. stroke length, the saw’s EC Brushless motor delivers more power, better efficiency and improved runtime over previous-generation 18-volt motors, Bosch reports. Integrated counterbalance technology limits vibration for better handling, helping users cut through dense materials more easily and comfortably.

A tool-less blade-change system with robust lever allows for easier blade removal and installation, even with gloves on. The saw’s adjustable footplate enables better control of the cutting depth and a broader use of the blade’s teeth. Other user-friendly features include a bright double-LED light for greater visibility from either side of the blade when working in dark areas, plus a hanging hook.

“Professional reciprocating saw users are always on the lookout for more power and faster results. The Bosch Multi-Grip Reciprocating Saw delivers that and much more in a versatile, comfortable package,” said Jim Stevens, product manager, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “The three orbital-action settings allow optimization of the saw’s stroke to ensure maximum cutting power and speed whether the job is demolition cutting of wood or precision cutting of a metal pipe.”

Bosch’s Multi-Grip Reciprocating Saw (model GSA18V-125N) is coming this month and will sell for $299 as a bare tool without batteries or charger.


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