Bosch PL1632 Planer

Bosch PL1632 Planer

A power planer can speed up the process of hanging doors and other carpentry tasks, and Bosch is making its new PL1632 Planer even easier to use. For example, this 6.5-amp tool features an industry-first combination of lock-off-release button with a lock-on button to both prevent accidental start-ups and to reduce hand fatigue during extended planing sessions. The updated button system enhances protection as well as productivity.

The PL1632 also has a Bosch-exclusive dual-mount fence to add lateral rigidity. Unlike other planers with fences that have a single mounting post, which can flex under sideways pressure, this fence attaches to the tool both at the front and rear. It also comes with a plastic overshoe to keep the metal fence from marring a painted surface.

Underneath, the tool houses a single, reversible Woodrazor® micrograin carbide blade that resists fracturing from nail or staple strikes. An electronic counter-balancer automatically positions the 3-1/4-in.-wide blade at the ideal cutting angle and prevents uneven planing from a misaligned blade. Power is delivered to the cutter by way of a poly micro-V belt drive, for durability and long life. It spins at 16,500 rpm for fast stock removal and to deliver a smooth finish.

The power cord enters the tool at a ball-joint swivel, to help keep it out of the way when planing. And, when the tool is set down, a spring-loaded kickstand elevates the blade to protect both the blade and contact surface from damage. A shavings bag completes the PL1632’s standard features. It sells for $119 to $129, depending on the retailer.


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