Bosch: Tools for Real-Life Heroes

Bosch: Tools for Real-Life Heroes

We don’t normally call your attention to things like this in our Tool Preview — for one thing, we can hardly keep track of all the special days/events/observances approved by Congress. (For instance, if you’re planning ahead, Leif Erikson Day is October 9, ya, you-betcha.)

But, here in Minnesota, where we’ve recently experienced our own disasters of bridge collapses and severe flooding, and in a month when we remember the events of September 2001, we’re currently feeling particularly grateful to our “First Responders”  — and so is Bosch. (See, this does have a woodworking connection.)

This week, September 24-28, 2007 is “First Responder’s Week.” And Bosch is honoring firefighters, police officers and EMTs during this time period: If you fall into that category – or know someone who does – show a valid ID and get one free tool repair or tune-up on a Bosch power tool.

Or, if all your Bosch tools are currently working well, get 25 percent off any Bosch tool purchase.

And, even if you’re not eligible for this promotion: say “thank you” to someone who is.

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