Bow Saw Plans

Bow Saw Plans

Bow Saw Plans

“I have made quite a few bow saws and here’s a couple of tips. Use waxed cord for tightening. Un-waxed cord will wear and break due to friction. Also, always tighten and loosen the same number of times every time you use it. It’s easier to remember. Don’t forget to loosen when you’re done, or your frame will warp.” – Joe Musick

Bill Cumpiano

“Issue 122 was the best issue ever, not only by you, but of all I take. What a superb job. Every single section was of value and interest to me. Regarding Bill Cumpiano; I was fortunate in having Bill as my teacher in a guitar building class. He is a class all to himself; a wonderful teacher and a remarkable man. I count that meeting as one of my life’s blessing.” – Bill Ottoson

We couldn’t agree more. – Editor

Pipe Clamps

Last issue, we visited a web discussion on clamps made with black pipe, some of the problems it creates, and some solutions. That generated the following responses.

“I use 3/4″ aluminum conduit for my clamps. It is lighter and leaves no marks. If one’s joints come together as they should, it is plenty strong.” – Paul Saffold

“If your readers want pipe with out the black finish, just about every steel wholesaler can supply 1/2″ and 3/4” pipe unfinished. However, I would suggest using a spray dressing like “Top Coat” to keep the rust down.” – George Lathbury

“I have both black & galvanized pipe clamps and find that they work equally well.” – Salvatore Pontecorvo

“Do any of your readers know why I have never seen the ubiquitous American pipe clamp on sale either in my native Great Britain or my adopted home in Northern Spain?” – Ray Allinson

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