Breakfast Nook Benches and Trestle Table

Breakfast Nook Benches and Trestle Table

I’m always looking to expand my woodworking skills. So when my daughter remodeled her kitchen and wanted a bench sitting area and new table, I offered to build both.

The “L” shaped bench area was simple to design and build. I used birch plywood and poplar solid wood so it would resist dents. Custom decorative molding made easy with different router shaped bits.

The Trestle table was a real pleasure to design and build. I did a lot of design and assembly research, especially on “Woodworker’s Journal.”  It is made from white maple which I bought from my local lumber store, Mendham Plywood. Since I don’t have a lathe to build the spindles I purchased them from Adams Wood Products in Tennessee.

The leg bases consisted of several layers of maple glued together and shaped on a band saw with lots of sanding. Placed birch dowels to secure the spindles to the base and top support arms for a sturdy structure to hold the top. The top and bottom horizontal support pieces that tied in the two spindle bases, as well as the 50” x 70” top were secured with ¼” machine screws with threaded inserts to make it easier to disassemble. I used biscuits to join the seven 7 1/4 ” wide planks and two end pieces with a ½” base of birch plywood to avoid any warping. A 3/16” straight router bit was used to cut the small channels in the top. Four coats of polyurethane with a Mimi wax finish gave it a real nice shine and protective coat.

-William Cafero
Mendham, NJ

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