Brothers, Hear My Call

Rob-Portrait351OK, I need some advice. Next September, my status as “Widower” will be changed to “Married” on any form I will be filling out. Now, as a fellow who was married for 30 years, I think I have some skills at being a good husband. (Toilet seat down, underwear in the hamper, flatulence blamed on the dog, etc.) But still, having been living on my own for six years, I am afraid that some of the more subtle relationship techniques may have become rusty from lack of use. (Recently, I used a leaf blower to clean a room in my house … just saying.) That is why I am turning to you all. Why? Because, as a whole, woodworkers have very successful marriages. From our survey results, you folks have a divorce rate of 6.8% — a freakishly low number. (And one you can be proud of!)

So, give it to me straight. I am turning to you to point me in the right direction as life once again continues to prove that change is the only constant. I know you won’t let me down!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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