Bubinga Sofa Table

Bubinga Sofa Table

I have never seen such beautiful wood as the waterfall Bubinga purchased and brought back to the USA. I have been looking for that once in a lifetime project that can be handed down to my family for generations. I knew immediately that this was the project! I called Rockler directly and after several conversations received a confirmation that they would sell me a cut from this tree 18-1/2” x 60-1/2” in a 6/4.

I solicited the construction overseeing from my wood working instructor (Don Hibbard), who worked with me on developing my plans and talking me through the construction process. I really did not want to make a mistake with this project. He also helped me to obtain the special maple wood for the base and redesign how I wanted to have the top rest on the base.

The project took me a total of 6 months and WOW!

-Ronald Blank

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