If You Build It, They will Come: (and Perhaps Take You Away!)

Rob-Portrait351Last issue, I appealed to the eZine faithful to reveal the project of their dreams. I truly enjoyed reading your responses which ranged (and I’m not making this up) from building an exact replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (the NCC-1701 version, of course) to “changing the world through woodworking”! Many folks had less lofty goals, from a secretary desk for a spouse to a built-in shelf for knickknacks. I am always impressed with the variety of interests demonstrated by your woodworking projects.

There were, in my opinion, a couple of common threads throughout the diverse list of dream projects – regardless of size or scope: a sense of discovery and the joy of creation. In fact, one reader described building a project as an adventure. (Which rang true to me … plenty of my woodworking projects could have been described as adventures … oh, yeah.)

So, thanks for all of your letters; they are always inspiring. And let me encourage you to move forward and “live the dream.”


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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