A Bump-Up for BeadLOCK

A Bump-Up for BeadLOCK

When it comes to a low-cost and super-easy way create floating tenon joints, the BeadLOCK® joinery system has long been the hands-down winner.  Based on a special “conjoined,” almost dowel-like, molding and a good handheld power drill, this jig-based product is both intuitive and reliable. But just recently, the whole system was bumped up a notch. BeadLOCK has introduced their new BeadLOCK Pro, which builds on their existing technology and adds some bells and whistles that expand a builder’s options.

BeadLOCK Pro basically uses drilling inserts that fit into a substantial jig body to guide the joinery process. You can go ahead and use the BeadLOCK molding-based floating tenons in their standard sizes if you wish. (Their half-inch size is shown here.) Or, you can use their new paring insert to guide you while creating traditional rectangular-shaped mortises. The paring guide, as its name suggests, helps control your chisel as you chop and pare the mortise. This new insert allows you to move to traditional mortise and tenon joinery, should a design call for it.


This beefed-up system is truly a BeadLOCK product as its price is an affordable $139.99. It comes in a handy carrying case that stores all the various system components. They are available from rockler.com.

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