Cajun Homestead Carving

Cajun Homestead Carving

I built this model Cajun cabin homestead to show my grandchildren their heritage.

The homestead is built on a 32″ by 40″ base. The cabin, outhouse, chicken pen and fences are made of cedar. The trees and greenery are made of various materials, and the boats are made of cypress.

The people, dogs, and chickens are all hand carved out of various types of soft wood.  The people are about 5-6 inches tall while the Beagle dogs are about 2 inches long.

The model depicts the average home of the Louisiana Cajun as they lived off the land and the waterways of South Louisiana prior to electricity, outboard motors, and paved roads and other “modern” conveniences.

-Alvin Cavalier
Prairieville, LA

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