Calavera Tool Works 5# Gear Bags

Calavera Tool Works 5# Gear Bags

Plastic bins or old coffee cans certainly work for stowing fasteners, dowels and other shop supplies in one place, but they’re seldom the most efficient way to get organized when you need to carry your stuff with you. And if you need to climb a ladder with a pound of nails or screws in tow, an old coffee can probably will be more hindrance than help.

Calavera Tool Works’ new 5# Gear Bags are designed to take your supply storage to new heights of organization. These 2-1/4-qt. bags are made of reinforced, rip-resistant material. An internal drawstring on top cinches them closed. There’s a metal belt clip on one side, plus a nylon loop and spring-loaded carabiner for attaching the bag to a water pipe, pegboard hook, bucket handle or the like.


While the 5# Gear Bags are mostly black, they come accented in your choice of five different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, olive or blue. Their aluminum carabiners are anodized in orange. Made in the USA, these Gear Bags, which sell for $19.99 each, are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Calavera offers a 4-bag Starter Set, in red, blue, green and yellow accent colors. Included with the four 5# Gear Bags is an aluminum mounting system consisting of a 19-in.-long base bracket, screws, multipurpose bar and two gear hitches. Combining these components enables the bags to be carabiner-clipped wherever you install the mount — to the edge of a workbench, countertop or between two wall studs. The mounting system is also designed to be compatible with Festool’s MFT worktables.

Calavera’s 4-bag Starter Set (item CAB509) sells for $145.

For a limited time, Calavera also has a larger six-bag set (item CAB501-INTRO; $189.99), which includes a second base bracket so you can move the multipurpose bar between two different mounting locations.


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